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  • Rianna Schuh, Brisbane.

    Tamika your authenticity inspires me. Thankyou for teaching me – a number of years ago – about the power of surrendering all. It was a gift of knowledge that has changed my whole life here.

  • Julie Newman, Gold Coast.

    I now have more tools to help me in my life journey. It has reminded me I am my own power and in charge of my life and weight. No-one else but me. It was a very relaxed presentation style. There was no forcing of beliefs or opinions onto others.

  • Michelle Mussett, Brisbane

    It was like nothing else. I now feel more positive and empowered to change and move forward in can’t buy this experience anywhere else!

  • Hannah Seeman, Brisbane.

    Hey gorgeous, thanks so much for the weekend (2 days ago). I really enjoyed it. Ii feel reconnected and many lessons learned and awesome tools to work with. My stomach is already flatter…yah!