1 on 1 Session

A 1 on 1 healing session will get straight to the core of the issue and support you in an individualised way. Our sessions are offered either face to face in Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia or over the phone or Skype as our clients are from all over the world.

Attending one of our group-based programs or retreats will cause incredible transformation due to the intensity and immersion into this work. The energy is often big and assists in releasing huge amounts of stuck, negative and dense energy from within us. The other benefit is the large amounts of knowledge we share with you so you can continue to support yourself moving forward.

We recommend starting with a program or retreat of ours so that you have the base knowledge, home practices and a solid foundation in this work, and then moving onto the 1 on 1 sessions for further support and maintenance. However, if for whatever reason you are unable to attend one of our programs, you may begin coaching with us right away.



The basis of our work is that you are co-creating your reality. You will continue to attract the same situations and relationships until you learn the lesson, release the programs and energies which are creating these unwanted life situations, and evolve your soul.

eye_universeWe know that you are an infinite being of love here for a purpose. It is not our job to tell you who you are or what to do because we know that the answers you seek are within your own soul.
It is therefore our intention to release the layers of programming and unresolved emotion within your consciousness and heart. The more you peel back all that you are not, the more you connect with the truth of who you are, your potential, purpose and answers.
The more you release the inner resistance based usually in fear based programs, your outer resistance in life decreases and you experience greater flow, ease and abundance. Greater health, happiness and fulfilment. Your experience of life becomes easier and more magical as you realise the power you have within to create the reality your heart desires.



The method we use is called The Holistic Clearing Method and was developed by Tamika Hilder after over a decade of learning coaching and healing modalities. An amalgamation of all her past qualifications, she found this method to be the fastest, and most simple approach in clearing the limiting beliefs, and energies present within us from our past. This method connects you back to your innate, intuitive soul wisdom. Therefore we aim to empower you back to your true self for increased peace, love, joy and fulfilment.

You are an energy being vibrating at a particular frequency and your consciousness is filled with programming from the past which is creating your current reality. Once you clear the deeper blocks (unconscious fears, limiting beliefs and unresolved negative emotion) from within your energy field, you are able to then attract what your heart desires.

So rather than coaching you to create what you want, we help you to release what is in the way of you attracting what you desire.

We work to assist you to be the frequency you need to be in order to attract what your heart desires.

Our coaching sessions are deeply healing, transformational and create permanent change with tangible outcomes.

In addition to our healing and clearing work, we also focus on healing the divine feminine and masculine wounds to assist you in becoming your potential as a man or woman.


The more you release these inner blocks, the more your purpose becomes clear. Your purpose is already encoded within your soul so it is our intention to reconnect you back to your own innate knowing and wisdom.

As you are a spark of God consciousness, it is our intention to assist you in full self-realisation of the divine, infinite being that you are. To remove the perceived limitations of lack and limitation and illusion, and for you to embody the truth of your divine and sacred nature.



This method of coaching specialises in healing the divine feminine wounds and then supporting you into a an empowered, whole place as a woman. To know more about this method and path of healing please see The Path of The Goddess. 

Click here to know more about Tamika, her personal journey and qualifications. 




  • Unblocking the deeper blocks preventing fulfillment, success, relationship or forward movement
  • Life Purpose
  • Empowerment
  • Sexual Trauma Healing using tantric bodywork healing
  • Sacred Feminine Empowerment and the divine feminine


  • Evolving into the sacred masculine
  • Healing Intimacy Issues
  • Opening your heart
  • Healing the wounded masculine
  • Relationships


  • Intimacy and sacred sexuality
  • Healing the triggers that surface from within the relationship


  • Creating and expanding your business
  • Creating branding aligned with your soul purpose
  • Holistic Wellness Coaching Practitioner Training


Casual – $300 per hour
6 Session Package – $250 per session
12 Session Package – $200 per session
18 Session Package – $150 per session

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