A Higher Consciousness and The Power of Now

In the work I teach, the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved are the result of you integrating your divine self into your heart and body.

It’s about unifying spirit with matter. The spiritual into the physical so that we no longer see any separation between them.

Previous to this, I would experience the spiritual through meditation and by pretty much leaving my body. I viewed this world as mundane and did not feel joy in the human experience.

Embarking on the feminine pathway now for 5 years has changed all of that.

For me magic happens in the present moment no matter where I am or what I am doing. Spirit has become enmeshed into my physical reality and more and more in my body. This means I feel joy, peace, love and bliss for no reason and on a daily basis.

This state of consciousness is the result of a certain kind of death. This death is something I teach in my level 2 and 3 levels of The Path of the Goddess programs and are centered around death to the personality and ego so that your divinity can be experienced further.

When I look around in a typical social situation, I see many egos vying for attention, to be right, or shrinking and not wanting to be seen. I see people acting in ways which are not authentic. Under all the facade is a little girl or little boy wanting love and desperately trying to fit in and be accepted, yet in the process, giving away their power and who they really are.

Rarely, unless I’m spending time with my tribe, who are people committed to the path of awakening, do I see people who communicate authentically from a place of heart and a place of “being”. A place of deep connection where you allow all of yourself to be seen and where you see all of that person. And in that place of vulnerability and rawness, an authentic connection is established. You are not trying to get anything from the other. Rather, you are being with them in an open, receptive state of presence. No competition. Just love. Real. Raw. Authenticity. Where anything goes. This is unconditional love. And only one who has done the inner work and come into wholeness and has unconditional love for self can hold this space for another.

To reach this place myself, required me to allow many parts of my ego to die. The parts which were formed to protect my wounded self and acted as a barrier between me and the world to help me feel safe. The person I used to be in the world was not authentic and it was tiring to show up this way.

Many parts of me have died in the last 18 months. And my true self has emerged from the ashes. It’s been a complete rebirth and the result has been an expansion of my consciousness and ability to feel, give and receive love.

And I’m noticing that even each day a death occurs. Rather than living in my analytical mind going over every little detail like I used to, I am only able to live in the present moment now and experience/feel the moment. This means that the past is no longer staying in my awareness like it used to because I’ve learnt how to let go in each moment. My teacher in Bali used to say that he would die to each moment. I now understand what he means.

We as humans have such a habit of carrying our past with us into the present and thus the future. So we never evolve and we keep on perceiving life through the same filters and attracting/creating the same situations. When we die to who we are, we allow a fresh perspective of life to be experienced and we open up to attracting things that we may not have attracted in the past. Basically, life changes because we are not attached to stability and consistency and we are open to experiencing life in a new different way. This can be hard for people who love stability, as they like things to stay the same.

Having an ability now to die in each moment, for me is a strange feeling, because it sometimes feels as though my memory is really bad. I can easily forget what happened yesterday and even sometimes i have times when in the evening the morning of that day can seem as though it was so long ago. But I’ve realised it’s because I’ve literally trained my mind to release and let go of each moment. My mind is like a sieve that is now opened to receive Universal energy to flow through it but not stay in it. So each moment flows through me. This is the ONLY way I can describe my new state of consciousness. I am not attaching my mind to the past or the present anymore and thus I’m now experiencing life as a flow of energy rather than a timeline of past and future details that I recall constantly. I don’t care for the past anymore except to learn from it. My only desire is to be fully here in this moment and mostly connected to me. I’ve gone so deep within me the past 6 months and my soul is calling me to continue on this path. It’s a bit of an antisocial path but I’ve never been more content and at peace in my entire life.

Not sure if what I’m writing will make sense to you but my experience of life has changed dramatically and I can definitely relate to Eckhart Tolle’s experience that he writes about in The Power of Now.

I no longer feel the need to set goals. Rather I feel into my desire from within and allow them to come to fruition naturally depending on the flow of energy I’m feeling. Rather than static, controlled, logical time frames, my experience is now of a flexible, expansive flow which moves me rather than the other way around.

There is no push or force anymore. Just an openness to flow with life based upon a deep inner listening and the process of creation then evolves. Life to me now feels like an ever unfolding wave of moments/experiences/feelings and I’m not attached to any of them. This has brought great peace to my heart.

I used to “work hard” to achieve my goals. But what the feminine path has helped me remember is that through stopping, being and stillness I am more easily able to feel the pulse of life; of when to move and when to stay still. Of when to say yes and when to say no. Of when to go left and when to go right. So I act now from a grounded connected place of fluid presence that is moved by the evolutionary wave of creation herself versus my mind controlling my actions. It feels almost opposite to how I used to act. And I feel as though I get more done and have greater impact and effortless manifestation through this much slower pace of life I’ve chosen. Less busyness and more stillness yet the results are the same just achieved with a lot less effort. I am grateful for this shift as my body could no longer cope with the force masculine way I was creating. It was burning me out.

Alignment. Balance. Connection. Peace. Harmony. Love. Oneness. Are all words I relate to very strongly right now in my experience of life.

And finally, the other feeling that has dramatically increased is my desire to serve. Feeling the way I do drives me to want to help others reach this place of peace. I can’t help but want to support humanity in waking up out of the blur to realise who they are. This is a burning desire within my soul and the reason I know I am here. How this will happen or how my business will expand as a result, I am not sure, but I know it has already begun.

Anyway just my thoughts for the day while sitting and watching the ocean contemplating my life!

Tamika Hilder
Founder of Path of the Goddess

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  1. Peter Wagner
    July 13, 2016

    Hello Tamika ..Mmmmm. What a lovely place you are in and how nice it is to read, such a flow. The ocean of awareness to be in the the present moment is in constant flux for most people as they juggle the illusion, the perception of what is real and what they are programmed to think.
    Your writing inspires me to gain deeper levels of understanding of myself and of others and like yourself, to awaken people from the blur.
    My path has taken many turns since our last moments in time and I am now in China after letting go of my past life. I am now following a path that has me living in the middle of the blur and yet the whole time being guided to stay connected to myself and my life compass. I watch every day the disconnectness of living in a large population who are trying to make sense of it all.
    The task of enlightening the masses is one that seems impossible, although miracles happen every day.
    So thank you for your thoughts while watching the ocean (missing the ocean at present). Your journaling has inspired me which in turn will inspire others and the awakening continues.
    Time waits for no man
    As your moments roll on to the next..
    Much love and gratitude

    1. Tamika
      July 13, 2016

      Peter! So lovely to hear from you! And China…wow. So sound happy, I’m.so glad to hear that. And your energy feels much more grounded and solid than it used to so whatever path you’re on is very good for you! So lovely to hear from you. Sending my love Xo

  2. Keira
    July 13, 2016

    Tamika, I LOVED this post!! And definitely something I needed to read this morning after some clearing I did with my meditation group last night. Life and my attachment/reactions to it has been in major ebb and flows since we last spoke but this has reminded me that I have choice in all of that. Thank you!
    And I am so glad that you’re in such a great place, it has been lovely being a bystander of it over the last 6 or so months, thank you for allowing us to view your realness.
    Sending much MUCH love and light

    1. Tamika
      July 13, 2016

      Aaah so great to get your reply Keira. I often wonder how you’re going with everything! Glad to hear you’re still meditating. Good work! Sending my love to you always xx

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