Dear Lover (Poem)

What Do I Need?
Dear Lover, you ask me this question.

I need your complete masculine presence.
All of you.

When we spend time together,
Let our energies magnetise towards each other.

Be drawn to me like a bee to honey.
Watch me as if I was the most stunning dance you’ve ever seen.

Don’t take your eyes off me.
See me. Feel me. Connect to me.

Ask me how my day was,
But feel into my soul at the same time.

Listen to what I say,
With complete presence so I know you are here for me.

Let your heart enfold my heart,
So I feel safe to open fully to you.

My feminine essence desires to feel
That you are there, truly there for and with me.

Not just through acts of service, but through
Your energetic heart and soul.

Let your eyes gaze deeply into my soul,
And open me through your presence like only you can do.

I want to feel your loving gaze pierce through my walls of protection
I want to feel that you want me, that you desire me, that you adore me.

I want to feel that I am the only woman on Earth you desire,
In the same way I desire you. That your commitment matches mine.

Share your feelings with me,
Declare your love for me, and to the world.

For me to open and surrender fully to you,
I need to know that you truly see me; my divinity. The Goddess within.

Come to me, closer. And even closer.
And if our bodies are apart, touch me.

Hold me. Closely. Let me feel your heartbeat.
Let me feel your hands gently across my skin.

Touch me as if I was made of silk.
Kiss me, tenderly, passionately, as if it were our last kiss.

Transfigure the entirety of me.
See my divinity, see my beauty and express this to me.

Let me hear these words fall from your lips.
Let your words be poetry to my ears.

Dear Lover,
Forget about time when you are with me.

Release the to-do-list.
Surrender into the moment with me, into our love.

Move out of your mind,
And into your heart and body.

Feel me. Feel the moment.
Move deeper into eternity as you merge with me into union.

Let the moment move us,
Into spontaneity, into play, into love.

Dear Lover,
Just be present with me and all this will occur naturally.

And when you are not with me, Dear Lover,
Carry me in your heart, feel me throughout the day.

So I can feel that we are connected.
So that I feel your love.

As I begin to truly feel your commitment to me and that you yearn for me as I yearn for you,
I will open like a flower and surrender to you like no other.

My nectar, my beauty, my sweet love,
Is all for you, and only for you.

As you tend this garden of love,
Many flowers will blossom and grow.

But these seeds must be watered daily,
And showered with love, daily.

And you will be given access to the Garden of Eden,
A magical love so powerful that it will awaken you to another level of yourself that you didn’t know existed.

When you are ready to claim me, but not own me,
I have the entire Universe to give you through my heart.

Dear Lover,
I am here, ready and waiting.

<3 Tamika Hilder

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  1. monika
    December 21, 2016

    The poem is great, Tamika, thank you! Many blessings to you, Monika

    1. Tamika
      December 22, 2016

      Thank you Monika! Blessings xx

  2. Robert J Grimes
    December 21, 2016

    What a beautiful poem Tamika. This poem can be gender neutral as I could say the same words from me (a man) to my female partner as to what I want from her. I want her to see the god in me. The god and the goddess are actually gender neutral as soul, just in a female or male body.
    Bless you Tamika

    1. Tamika
      December 22, 2016

      Absolutely darling <3 Bless you!

  3. Nadja
    December 22, 2016

    It was like a beautiful calling and reminding of what spirit and soul are asking of us all.
    We are being asked to grow our commitment and in return we will receive the golden light of love, abundance & heavenly gifts!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  4. Jewel (Aurora)
    December 22, 2016

    Beautiful Tamika, thank you for sharing and wonderful timing as I’m about to write what I want in my next twin flame.

    Youve inspired my starting point.

    Love and best wishes

    1. Tamika
      December 23, 2016

      You’re so welcome beautiful. And how exciting that you’re calling in your twin flame! Im glad my poem can contribute to the love you will call in and experience <3

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