Divine Connection

The music starts
The beat begins
My body open
Skin to skin

I wait and pause
I follow, he leads
Surrendered and open
Cheek to cheek

I open up and
Feel the song
Right here right now
Where we belong

Gently I’m moved
I sway with him
Waiting his cue
I’m following

Something about
This song I love
Its sultry, emotive
Can’t get enough

I feel it deep
Within my soul
Expressing, feeling
The moment Gold

Right now, Right here
All that exists
Is simply love
Amazing bliss

This moment now
All time has ceased
The world dissolves
Complete release

We dance as one
Predicting motion
A magic spell
A music potion

Not wanting it
To end or stop
The music end
We slowly rock

Immense gratitude
For that moment in time
Where love created magic
Absolutely divine!

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