Do you desire BIG Love?

Are you desiring LOVE?

Like BIG love??

Like crazy, open-hearted, be consumed and engulfed by it so much so that you die to it and awaken each time you connect Love?

Love that feels as expansive as an ocean that as you enter it’s depths the love-force is so much greater than you and all you can do is surrender. The power of the waves roll on in and you can do nothing but surrender and relax into it’s welcoming arms that embrace you and hold you in it’s depths.

Coming up for air every now and again but then being willingly pulled back down into the depths where you are in another world. Nothing else but the two of you exist in that moment and yet at the same time you realise you are everything and everyone; Oneness. Every part of you melts until nothing else exists but Love.

Hearts connect | Souls connect | Bodies connect | Raw connection

This love melts everything away within you that is not of love and you enter the space of your heart; timeless and eternal.

Meeting Rory Bland has taken me into the realms of what I’ve been calling in and desiring for YEARS!!!!

I knew this kind of love was possible; I’ve spoken about it for years. And now, what feels like finally, however I know it’s all in divine timing; it’s arrived.

This is the first relationship that i have zero doubt about. I feel our future in my heart and just know.

He meets me on every single level and yet I need nothing from him yet choose him fully.

The only way I can describe what we share is sacred union or divine union.

The love feels so expansive that as we connect our souls meet and I can feel so much opening and shifting within my energy field. Like doors opening, floods of light flowing in, and a crazy-big love force filling up both of our bodies and the container that we create.

This feels as though we’ve been planning this for lifetimes and it feels much bigger than us.

This is the kind of love that everyone dreams of, however i want to really re-iterate the journey I went on before I was able to attract this.

My previous relationships were unable to meet me. So I knew that i wasn’t meeting myself. My focus became on sacred union with myself. I was also aware that the men I was attracting were unable to meet me partially because i felt safe to be in a position where I was the teacher for them. In order to call in my equal on a soul level, I needed to release all the parts of me that did not feel safe to surrender and to fully open my heart to love. To face my hurt and release my walls of protection.

I delved into the depths of myself to explore every single little part of my psyche; my light and my shadow and found unconditional love for myself.

I found all the places in me that i had rejected, shamed, tried to hide and felt vulnerable and i loved them all unconditionally and integrated them into wholeness.

My woman self emerged and i felt the divinity within me. For the first time i embraced my true self and my unique spirituality and fell in love with the part of me that made me different from everyone else.

Rory loves me for this aspect of me among others but once i was able to truly love who i really am, i was able to attract in a man who loves me for the real me.

Rory is a man who supports me in becoming more of me, and my potential. A man that i can be vulnerable with and feel completely safe with to surrender. A man i can speak to about any of my thoughts and feelings and have him truly hear me. And vice versa. Every part of us is drawn to connect in every way shape and form and the attraction is highly magnetic.

He has moved from boy to man in the short time we’ve been together and is remembering who he is and re-awakening to his true purpose.

The intention of my post was to inspire you to know that true Love is absolutely possible. You don’t have to settle and you can attract in that big love you desire and deserve.

How you attract this in is by focusing on yourself and moving into sacred union with yourself. Get to know yourself so completely. Love your light and shadow. Make choices that support your soul’s mission and create a life where you feel content and fulfilled without a partner first. Live your life so completely. Don’t look for him/her. Just live your life from your heart, serve yourself and put yourself first. Do what makes you so happy. And at the same time from within your heart be willing to receive the sacred love when it arrives. You won’t have to force it to happen. It will happen naturally. Trust in the Universe bringing the two of you together when the time is right.

I can see why I had to wait this long to meet my One. Rory was growing. He had a journey to go on and I was learning how to receive his Love.

His Love is so immense and so big that I needed to feel worthy of receiving that kind of Love. That in and of itself was a journey; the journey of self-worth. Of course this has birthed my work in the Path of The Goddess.
Until we both moved into those spaces, we could not align. Even though we met 5 years ago, we were not ready for each other.

Now however as we eye gaze and connect, we literally get lost in time and hours can pass in the blink of an eye while we get consumed by the Love we feel between us and within us. It’s immense and all consuming and brings us into who we truly are as spiritual beings having a human experience. We enter cosmic and high vibrational states often as we just ‘be’ with each other and hold each in our arms. We often find it hard to leave the bedroom as we simply lay in each other’s arms for hours and literally days can pass with us in this space.

It’s like the Notebook kind of love. And i realise of course our love will deepen and change and transform over time. Naturally. However i wanted to share all of this as I know that for most couples that I see, they are in so much pain around their relationship and just crave intimacy and connection. And i feel as though the deep inner work i’ve done the last 5 years has allowed me to create this kind of Love.

So know there is hope for you. Never settle and do the inner work in order to attract the vibration you are. If you want sacred union, become that my friend <3 Tamika x

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