How to End the Healing Cycle and Find Wholeness

Achieving wholeness came only from facing my greatest pain.

What I have learned is that our greatest traumas and hurts and pains are seeking our attention.

If we avoid them they stay there and cause havoc in our relationships and lives. We keep feeling the same way over and over.

If we face them with loving compassion and have our soul gently hold space for these aspects within us, they gently dissolve.

This process took time.

Many modalities I tried did not work because they were mind based and I needed to “feel” all I had numbed and disconnected from. I had tried many things and became qualified in many modalities seeking healing within myself and also to serve people as best as i could.

The modalities i either tried or were trained in were Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Kundalini Reiki, The Journey and Timeline therapy.

I certainly learned a lot! And i gained mental empowerment from learning so much. However, nothing touched me deep enough to get to my core wound and so although my mind was empowered, my heart was still hurting. I used to get a pain in the centre of my chest, and i knew it was emotional pain stored there.  I would respond in love relationships with the same insecurities as the last one and wasn’t able to FEEL love for myself on a deep level.

Talking therapy didn’t help initially because I didn’t know what I had numbed so “thought” I was good.

Energy work didn’t heal the root either because my soul needed ME to feel the root. You can’t fully heal until you’ve felt the core wound. If trauma has been a part of your journey, then most likely you will be experiencing a sense of disconnection and dissociation from your body. We do this because it protects us from feeling the pain. However, what protects us also keeps us stuck and unable to truly heal and move forward in our life. Somatic work which brought me into my body was the only path forward.

I literally had to learn how to feel. How to come into my body and how to reconnect with me.

This process is what I call “embodiment”.

I remember a friend who was a Kinesiologist telling me that i was only connected to my body and feelings 5% of the time. After a year of embodiment practice, i was 95% connected. However that year, I felt into my deepest pain, traumas and emotions and it was a very raw, yet transformational journey.

And through that year, I felt and gently loved all my hurt places into wholeness.

I had to remind myself many times that what I was feeling would pass. That it was just emotion (energy) clearing.

And I learned how to feel the pain without identifying with it or letting myself be pulled back down into the old story.

Crying became my best tool for release. I used to hate to cry. But I learned how to love it.

And through this self honoring and very compassionate process I healed my deepest pain (that i used to wonder if I would ever heal) and found wholeness and what feels like as personal freedom.

I can feel my soul has had incredible growth through this process and now am equipped to assist others in the deepest of emotion healing.

I had a client call me last night who had been very disturbed by the lack of compassion, empathy and safe container in his retreat while many women shared some of their deepest pain, and so she called me to make sure my retreat was not going to be the same. He had yelled at her, and demonstrated a general lack of empathy, compassion or professionalism.

I was shocked that a retreat facilitator could demonstrate in such a way however I know that unless you’ve gone to those depths within yourself then you cannot hold that depth of space for your clients.

We are practitioners and healers can only take our clients to the level we are at, not beyond. This is the reason I’ve learned, it is so crucial to learn from someone who has achieved the state of well-being that you want to achieve. Someone could have all the degrees in the world, however if they have not embodied what they teach, then due to the limbic imprinting which occurs when we open our self up to a teacher, we take on exactly who that person is energetically. This is the most powerful learning which occurs when we work with a coach or healer or mentor. We literally take on their vibration. So if they are all talk and have not healed it within themselves, you will not experience deep transformation and pretty much stay where you are. When you work with a teacher who embodies the level of consciousness you desire, just from you being in their company, will shift you, without words spoken.

We are energy beings, and shift happens at the level of the energetic exchange. Words entertain our ego and reprogram our neural pathways, which can lead to change, however the most subtle and powerful way of transformation is to spend time with people at the frequency you desire.

It goes back to the old saying, “you become who you hang around.”

So as my client phoned me in distress, I assured her that I create the most safe and nurturing environment to heal and that emotional healing was pretty much my specialty.

I do feel it is important to mention to you that i couldn’t have reached this place of wholeness without the right support. The reason i numbed and avoided facing my demons in the first place was because i wasn’t skilled enough to handle the depth of pain I was carrying. Eventually i learned how to process any depth of emotion and not be knocked over by it or spiral downwards by it. But this took practice and the right support with embodied teachers.

So if something within calls you after reading this I would absolutely be honored to support you on this healing journey that I have called the Path of The Goddess.

It’s a healing pathway that moves us from insecure frightened little girls, to whole empowered women, who embody the divine feminine energies.

The body of work I have created in the path of the goddess is the most profound work I’ve ever created and is an absolute evolution of my previous work that goes much deeper and is will once and for all, end the healing cycle and bring you into wholeness, if you have the courage to do this work. I know this for a fact. And I’m very passionate about this work and wanting to support you through this.

After reaching this place of complete self-love and empowerment I am ready to share this work with the world finally from an embodied place, and my desire is to reach as many women as I can as I know now how to move the deepest blocks and to become your potential. I know it is my absolute purpose in life to be in service through this work.

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So much love you dear sister and so many blessings to you and your beautiful heart 👭💞👸

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