The Healing Path of The Goddess

Below I outline the healing pathway of the feminine. This is the path of the
Goddess and the work that is necessary in order for those with divine feminine
wounds to come into wholeness.

The Divine Feminine Wound

There was a time when the feminine was revered for her life-giving and life-creating ways. The Goddess energy assisted in healing and awakening of the men through her intuitive wisdom and loving energy. She was honoured, respected and protected by the masculine. Roles were clearly defined and men and women worked in harmony together, respecting their differences and honouring each other for their polarities. We had peace, harmony and love.

At some point in our human history the feminine energy was deemed less valuable and worthy than the masculine energy. The divine feminine wound is the suppression of the feminine and resulting pain and dysfunction in relationships and life.

Life itself and within each human is a blend and balance of masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is consciousness; left brain, thought-focused, action orientated, linear structured logical energy. The feminine energy is unconditional love; right brained, intuitive, creative, feeling, flow based energy.

For life to flourish, we need a balance of both these energies. Therefore it is not the intention of this body of work for us to express only the feminine energy, it is the intention of this work, to undo the suppression of the feminine and to return the balance within each human between masculine and feminine energy. We want the left and right brain to be balanced. We want equality between the heart and mind; men and women; masculine and feminine.

It is important to note that when I discuss feminine energy, i am referring to the energy, and not to females in particular. As men and women both have masculine and feminine energy. However because females express the feminine energy to a much higher degree than males do, the suppression has effected females much more than males have been.

And even though equality is slowly starting to occur in our world, the wounds of the divine feminine run deep in the psyche of women and there is a deep suppression of her innate feminine gifts and wisdom.

For the purpose of this work therefore, I will concentrate on the healing pathway of this wound within women as they are the most effected.

The wound is most often created in relation to the masculine and results in deep unworthiness and suppression of the sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. The main area this wound affects is relationships, however plays out in other areas including career, abundance and health.

This suppression is world-wide and saturated within our cultures, religions and societies and has been for centuries. Let’s discuss how it is perpetuated within families during the early, formative stages of our development.

First Point of Wounding In Childhood
For women, if we look to the first point of wounding in this life, the suppression is either passed down ancestrally through the Mother line or from the Father’s belief systems, and resulting actions and lack of understanding of how to truly honour the feminine and allow her to flourish. These two factors contribute to therefore programming little girls to believe they are less important than males. Beliefs such as, “I am not enough,” “Who I am has no worth or value,” “I am not deserving,” “My voice does not matter,” “I am only valuable to men as a physical sexual object,” “My emotions are weak,” “Do what i can to keep the man happy,” and similar belief systems depending on your culture and society.

Feminine Flourishes Through Presence
The feminine flourishes from presence. Most men or Fathers are still little boys due to the lack of rite of passage, and thus do not know how to be present for the feminine and hold space for her in a way that allows her to feel truly seen, heard and honoured. Only then does she flourish and blossom into her beauty, wisdom and potential.

So little girls go through life never feeling truly validated at the level of their soul and grow up looking for this love and validation and attention externally. This leads to dysfunctional habits, relationships, and stagnation in career and truly flourishing as a woman. Women are found “settling” and not listening to their gut and heart due to their programming of “I am not worthy enough to have what I desire.” They settle for receiving a little bit of love because that’s all they believe they are worth. Women naturally being givers and nurturers can find it very easy to love and nurture others. However until they learn their worth and value, they will stay in relationships and situations including work environments that are not serving or honouring them.

Masculine Energy Causing Relationship Issues
Due to the suppression and abuse of the feminine for the last 6000 years, women have learned to protect and armour their most sensitive and vulnerable areas including their womb space (an energetic space for creativity, life-force, connection and empowerment), their heart and their throat. This protection has caused them to harden their softness and hide their vulnerability and feelings causing them to express more of their masculine energy. In addition, women learned that to be valued in the workplace they had to be more like men and this has also contributed to women becoming more masculine. This masculine energy within women is also seeing women attract relationships that either don’t last or relationships with men who are boys and don’t know how to lead. Men are not attracted to masculine energy. Men thrive around the feminine. Therefore women are feeling unfulfilled in their relationships due to not being able to attract the kind of man they desire. This can change however once the women begin the healing journey. Not only does this healing journey shift them into their feminine once again, it helps to shift their men into their masculine energy.

Burn Out and Fatigued Nervous Systems
We grow up in a society where the masculine is valued. Therefore in school and later careers or business, women become more masculine in order to “get ahead”. To use their heads over their hearts and use logic over intuition and compassion. They become “driven” in order to keep up and be successful. In the workplace, women receive less pay and find it harder to value their skills due to the unequal belief systems still in place. And we are finding many women nowadays in the Western world who have adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and other health issues. Their nervous systems are on high alert and their bodies and spirits are slowly dying. Living in masculine energy for too long is unnatural for a woman and is leading to burn out and depression.

Earth, Humanity and The Lack of Heart
The only reason our world is in the state it is in is because we run our world by compassion-less logic and power driven decisions that have no balance of heart, intuition and care for other beings. When you bring the feminine energy into decision making, we begin to honour life and make decisions that benefit all beings and the planet herself.

Sex, Porn & Unfulfilling Experiences
Sexually, men learn through pornography that the way to have sex is to dominate and disrespect and that women are only of value based on how physically beautiful they are or how much they will give out. Women learn that to get a man’s attention, she must give of herself sexually and look and dress a certain way to attract attention. This is the society we grow up in. Such an imbalance is present here. Men are never fully satisfied within their heart because this loveless sex is an addiction that will never be satisfied until they awaken their feminine and come into their heart and learn the art of true connection and intimacy, and for women they will never heal their deep wounds until they learn how to speak their truth and create boundaries and express to their men how to be with them in a more loving and reverent way. A woman’s sexuality is very different to a man’s sexuality. How to turn on a woman is very different to turning on a man. This education is required in order for women to have fulfilling sex lives again. It has been medically proven that a woman’s womb area and vagina are directly related to her level of empowerment, connection and happiness. Therefore it is very important for women to reclaim their sensuality and learn to create sexual experiences which open them to more of their vitality and empowerment, rather than do the opposite, and shut them down.

Our Disconnected Men Are In Pain 
The divine feminine wound has caused men to disconnect to their hearts, and thus not feel safe to express their emotions and so their anger is being directed at the women in their lives and we are seeing more violence and death of women at the hands of men than ever before. Rape and abuse is rampant in all societies still and the wounds of women of abuse run very deep. Men need unconditional love and support in order to break these cycles and move into their heart. And it is through the unconditional love of the feminine that will assist the men in moving into their heart space.

So in summary, as the little girl moves through life with unmet needs, carrying the past abuse and pain of her ancestral threads, there is much heaviness in her heart. This creates a host of issues later in life.

This wound can affect all levels of feminine expression including sensuality, personal power, self-value, the heart and expression.

The divine feminine wounds include:
  • Feeling unsafe in the world. Lacks support in her life. Abundance blocked.
  • Fertility issues, PMS, female health problems
  • Shut down sexually with guilt, shame or trauma from abuse causing either physical or emotional numbness and thus numbness to life’s joys and pleasures.
  • Disconnected to creativity, passion, vitality and life-force energy and lives in the mind. No flow. Exhausted nervous system; burned out.
  • Fear of and inability to connect at deep, vulnerable levels with friends or partner
  • Emotionally armoured: masculine “strong” front as a protection
  • Fear of putting herself out there for fear of rejection, judgement or death
  • Disempowerment which leads to staying in situations, relationships or environments even when it does not honour her
  • Deep unworthiness and thus never attracts what she desires and deserves in relationship, life and business
  • Not feeling like her voice matters so shut down at her throat. Potential thyroid/throat issues.
  • Fear of expressing her truth and sharing her intuitive wisdom. Inauthentic, disempowered expression.
  • Pattern of giving too much and inability to receive
  • Feeling angry, bitter or resentful towards the masculine
  • Sources love externally from others rather than from within herself.
  • Mistrust of her own intuitive knowing and guidance
  • Is controlling due to her mistrust in the Universe providing and lack of connection to the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

You can imagine how this plays out in life…

She lives in her mind and makes her decisions from that place. Thus she is disconnected to the source of her desire and truth. This causes her to live her life from a place of disconnection and so her body and spirit slowly tire.

The masculine conditioning her society has programmed her to move through life with has led her to succeed in business and career but perhaps not relationships. She finds it hard to attract the relationship she wants, or to be treated the way she deserves.

She is probably not on her divine soul’s pathway because she is disconnected to the source of her creative essence and spirit thus is probably living a pretty ok life but not feeling fully fulfilled and feeling as though something is missing.

Due to her unworthiness she attracts relationships that do no honour her or treat her like the Goddess that she is and due to her disempowerment and not knowing her real worth, she stays in those situations and continues to allow herself to be hurt.

Due to her sensitive nature, she feels everybody else’s pain and looks after them more than herself never feeling as though she receives what she deserves.

In her business or career people never get to see the true leader that she is because she hides behind her fears and never speaks her truth. She gives her power away in order to receive love and that is the extent of her life.

Now of course you may have varying degrees of these patterns but these are effectively the wounds of the divine feminine. These wounds lead to her living in an armoured, inauthentic, disempowered way which drains her life-force and vitality.

The Healing Pathway

The healing pathway has three stages.

Level 1: Healing core wounds

This phase is the most challenging, as it requires courage to face all that we have buried, suppressed and avoided feeling. While in this phase, it can seem as though the healing will never end, as there can be many layers to work through. It requires much patience as healing takes time and is not to be rushed. This phase requires courage and commitment. The layers will present when they are ready and you must ensure you have appropriate support around you from professionals in order to move through this phase completely.

The purpose of this phase of healing is to identify the core wounding that has created all of the other surface and resulting issues and challenges within your relationships, health and life.

There is always one core wound created at some point in time and then reinforced through similar life situations. Here the wounding can seem as though it is layered but there is only one core wound, and that is the disconnection to the divine feminine; unconditional love. However to reach that core wound, we must acknowledge each layer and dissolve with love.

The wound may have been created by abuse, or passed down from your female lineage of suppressed women before you, or perhaps from an unconscious and unaware Masculine figure in your life.

The divine feminine is unconditional love. Once you become disconnected to the source of love within yourself, you begin to look for it externally to fill the void within your heart. This then creates a host of other issues like staying in situations in order to receive love.

This phase of healing requires vulnerability and honesty. We look at all areas of your life to see how this wounding is playing out. Then we look to the cause.

Healing steps include:
  1. We access the part in your consciousness, often the little girl, that has unmet needs and look at how as an adult she is trying to get those needs met through disempowered and often unhealthy ways. We locate the time of wounding so we have a reference point to work from and also work with the Universal themes that are present in the collective feminine consciousness. We also look at prenatal and perinatal, past and ancestral patterns playing out and release and clear them.
  2. You must face and feel the unresolved emotions, pain and trauma that is stored within your body and mind. Releasing it requires you to feel it. This for some depending on their level of wounding can be a dark time and can bring up very painful emotions from the past that you have been suppressing and not wanting to feel. This is why support is crucial as you move through this. We teach you how to feel and release the emotions rather than feel and spiral down by them.
  3. We look at the beliefs and perceptions you hold about yourself, the feminine, your worthiness, your value, and your life that are no longer serving you. We look at what is true and what is not true and release all limitations.
  4. We support you in supporting yourself to meet all your own needs from within. This is where you learn how to love and support yourself back to wholeness.

So as you can imagine, different people have different degrees of this wound and thus will take different amounts of time to move through this healing phase. It requires a keen, courageous spirit if trauma was involved and an approach of gentleness and compassion. We offer and highly recommend 1 on 1 support during this phase.

The Level 1 3 Day Unleash The Goddess Within was created to address this phase.

Result of Level 1:

Self awareness of your patterns and how to effectively clear them and rise above them. Awareness that you are not the pattern, nor your thought or the emotions you feel. Deeper connection to self, and your personal truth to make choices which support you and take you in the direction of your soul path. Self love and self worth develops from within. Empowerment develops to make supportive choices in life. You learn tools to use for life to support you in deeper wholeness.

A new inner strength arises from within and you know your worth as a woman. The love you were seeking is now attained from within yourself and this has birthed a whole, beautiful, free woman.

Your choices now reflect this increase in empowerment and you are able to let go of all that no longer serves you. This creates space for what your heart desires to enter.

Level 2: Sacred Feminine Activation

Once you have learned through Level 1 how to have awareness of your patterns and to effectively heal and clear them, how to support yourself through Self-love, and how to hold space for your emotions, you are ready for Level 2.

The home of our feminine energy is the womb space area and the heart. However it is the wombspace that is the most shut down in women due to centuries of rape and abuse and misuse of this energy. This protection and suppression was then passed down through our female ancestors.

This area is responsible for our feminine energy, sensuality, empowerment, creative power to manifest, “gut feelings”, ability to have intimacy in relationships and to feel connected to our deeper sensitivities and to all of life, and our ability to truly embody our true self at a soul level.

The intention of Level 2 is to fully open and active our feminine power through a number of various means including breathwork, Tantra, Movement and Yoga, Taoist energetic practices, Balinese traditional initiation, energetic Shakti healing, and deep inner journeying, visualisation and meditation.

The 7 day Goddess Activation Retreat in Bali takes you deep into yourself and will bring to the surface so much that you were not consciously aware of before. Level 1 gives you the inner strength to hold space for what may surface. The processes are designed to clear out trauma, deep emotional pain and to use that energy for transformation and expansion.

The process is designed to assist you in reconnecting with your feminine power and with the source of the feminine; the unconditional love you are. Here you are able to manifest with greater ease and effortlessness the life your soul is here for. It’s an intensely deep and activating 7 day experience.

The retreat includes:
  1. Re-awakening your wombspace, sensuality and feminine power
  2. Shakti energetic pathways opened
  3. Deep emotional healing, trauma release and more
  4. Healing your relationship to the masculine including deepening your ability to trust and surrender to the masculine (a safe and appropriate masculine)
  5. Awakening deep levels of feminine wisdom and soul connection
  6. Voice and sound work to open the channels for your soul voice to flow through
Results of Level 2:

Feminine power. Embodiment. Soul alignment. Wholeness. Creativity. Intuition. Soul expression.

From this place of alignment, empowered choices are made in your life and a sense of knowing who you are and why you are here develops. Your soul mission becomes clear and a sense of deep reverence and honour develops for yourself, your body, your sensuality and for the feminine.

An honest expression of your sensuality emerges and recognising your body and sensuality as sacred and powerful and as a gateway to your divinity.

Your feminine power at this stage becomes magnetic and you begin to attract not only your soul tribe and women who truly resonate with your soul, but a partner who is able to meet you. If you are already in a relationship then your relationship will shift, transform and deepen.

Your power now comes from within your self and there is no longer a need to prove anything to anyone. Your quiet power is maintained from within and this allows you to effortlessly manifest all your soul desires. A sense of flow occurs as you are now in alignment with yourself and with your soul plan. You are guided by your intuition from within and trust impeccably in your inner wisdom.

Part 3: Self Realisation

This is the final phase of your evolution into the divine feminine. This where the Goddess emerges. Here you have embodied the love that you are from within and not only do you feel a strong connection to the love that you are, this connection extends beyond you to all of Nature and life.

Rather than thinking loving thoughts occasionally and being able to access love occasionally, this stage sees you with love as your foundation permeated through your thoughts, words, actions and choices naturally. No longer do you need to try and act with kindness or compassion, it happens naturally. The wisdom of the heart has infused into your very being and this allows you to be love wherever you go and with everyone you meet, no matter how challenged or charged they may be. The forgiveness you emanate is palpable and the energy field you have created is of such a high frequency of love and joy.

If you body was in need of healing, this is the stage where it begins to heal as the high healing frequency of love permeates your cells. Dis-ease just cannot live in an alkaline environment and love and peace are the highest states of alkalinity. This is a stage where your nervous system finds deep relaxation and peace. It can take time to re-program the nervous system, replacing the pattern of fear and rush, with love and relaxation, however once you do, this is where you start to connect with your natural essence and magic begins!

Unity consciousness develops. Here you may have experiences of Oneness often and feel the sacredness through the web of life. You will realise that you have never been separate from life and that all is a divine co-creative process that you are at the very centre of.

Here you realise your true power and how you have created all that has gone before you in order to reach this point of self-realisation. You have only love for all-that-is and realise that even forgiveness is not necessary because all is your co-creation.

Your own divinity has truly been realised here and you see the divinity in all other life forms including humans, animals and all of Nature.

Your high frequency and consciousness benefits of all of humankind and people will become more whole, healed and self-realised just from your presence. This is true power.

Your manifestations are fast and your life is lived as one synchronicity after another. You are completely in flow.

You live the abundance frequency, giving constantly and receiving all you desire constantly.

Your desire is to serve. Your heart is pure. Your choices are motivated by love for the good of all.

Old paradigms completely dissolve in this state of consciousness as you realise your true nature and spirituality from within.

  • Goddess emerges
  • Oneness consciousness and the connectedness of all things
  • Complete responsibility for the creation of all life through you
  • Self-realisation
  • Self-healing ability
  • And miracles



Step 1: Start with the 3 Day Unleash The Goddess Within.

Step 2: Then 1 on 1 Path of The Goddess Healing work. You can also begin here if for whatever reason you are unable to attend our UTGW program.

Step 3: Goddess Activation Bali Retreat and The Art of Intimacy Couples Program

Step 4: Level 3 – Goddess Embodiment Program (2018 dates coming)

If after reading each of the programs, you feel that you do not need phase 1 then you are welcome to apply to attend our Level 2, Goddess Activation Bali retreat. We feel it is very important that you are a right fit for the retreat, so please contact us to set up an interview.

The Goddess Circle

We are now running a Goddess Circle on the Gold Coast and starting 2018 will have circles run in other locations around Australia. This circle is a great introduction to the work and a fantastic support after you have attended our programs.

Path of The Goddess Coach or Facilitator

If you are a healer or coach and would like to specialise in this work please contact me as we are expanding internationally and have specific training for this work. Your prerequisite is to go through all programs first, the 3 day program first and then the retreat and then we have 2 stages to the practitioner training.

There is an opportunity to become a 1 on 1 coach or to run the 3 day program in your area using our Path of The Goddess licence. If you are interested in this, please contact us.