Prenatal and Perinatal Influences On Our Being

For those of you that read my blog last week called “Trauma Induced Worthlessness and Persistent Resulting Health Issues” there has been some interesting discoveries for me that I’d like to share. As I read the article which inspired me to write that email, it got me thinking a lot about shame and worthlessness. I started to dream last week about sexual abuse incidents which have occurred not to me, but to some of the women in my ancestral line. These dreams were over 3 nights. And the dreams were showing me that I was holding shame from these events that had been passed down.

If you have read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, you will know that we can so many emotional patterns passed down epigenetically. If someone would have asked me, do i feel shame, i would have told them no. I have never related to shame. I have had a big journey with self-worth but not shame. However, in this dream I was being shown that in my subconscious and within the cells of my body, I was still carrying shame that had been passed down from the previous women in my family line.

It was amazing and very insightful and I was grateful to be shown this because it gave me an opportunity to then clear it. So i went to the beach the never next morning, and imagined that with every wave crashing onto the sand, it was clearing this shame, and as the wave receded it was taking that shame away. Intention is everything when it comes to healing and clearing. I felt very clear after that.

I can understand even more now about why my body, despite my strong healthy soul had been born into a body which was literally created from a vibration of worthlessness and shame which led to some very deeply embedded health issues. I am always interested in the root cause of an issue, because without knowing it, you cannot heal something. Knowing the root allows you the power to change something.

In the last few months, I made the decision to enter sacred union with myself. This meant going within and getting to know and love myself on the deepest levels. I’ve been very solo, very inward, very quiet and very gentle with myself the last few months doing lots of meditation and many self practices. And this strong intention to go inward has allowed me to start uncovering even deeper aspects of my consciousness, especially in my dreams. So i am taking notice every morning and analysing my dreams as it gives me direct access into information in my psyche that i would not be able to uncover otherwise. I highly recommend this.

I always knew there was a reason I was guided to study Prenatal Psychology many years ago and I can see more clearly now just how massive an impact what we absorb in the womb can be on our emotional, physical health. So if you’ve never explored this, i encourage you to do so. When i was in my 1 on 1 practice full time, I would see maybe 25 clients a week and almost half would regress back to the womb during our sessions to clear something that had been taken on. So it is very important to do this clearing work.

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  1. Rebekah Law
    April 13, 2016

    Yes I agree I am reading a book Morher-daughter wisdom by Christone Northrup and it goes into depth regarding the womb and patterns we pass to our daughters it’s very much an eye opening experience and when I finish the book my daughter Jessie wants to read and that way before she has children the patterns will change its very exciting:)

    1. Tamika
      April 15, 2016

      Absolutely! The earlier they understand this the better parents they can become and the more their child will grow to actually be their potential without the programming of centuries of their parents before them. It’s very powerful work.

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