Fall In Love With Yourself, Become Whole As A Woman, Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Essence And Become A Magnet For The Relationship And Life You Desire



This Level 1, 3 Day program is an immersion into your sacred divine feminine essence and will assist you in the areas of:

The five main areas of this program include:

1. SOUL PURPOSE: connecting to the very reason we are here and manifesting that for a life of fulfilment

2. AWAKENING THE DIVINE FEMININE ESSENCE: Reconnecting back to your creative, intuitive, sensual feminine powers to ignite your passion, joy, connectedness and intimacy in relationships and your manifestation power.

3. SOUL VOICE: Finding your voice again, and the power to express your truth, wisdom and your soul message. Opening this pathway for free, authentic expression.

4. EMBODIMENT: Feeling at home within your body and comfortable in your own skin. Healing the relationship to your body and re-creating the relationship with your body as a vehicle for your soul expression. Helping you to feel free, unhindered in your physical expression and body movement with free-flowing energy in your body. Learning to love your body as the temple it is and to see the physical as a sacred expression of your soul.

5: SELF-LOVE: Knowing how to nourish yourself on every level from cell to soul. Learning what supports and nurtures you so that you fall in love with who you are. This is the key to receiving love and attracting the love you desire.


The below paragraphs explain the highly valuable and life-changing benefits of doing this work. This program has a broad range of benefits in many areas. This work is mastering the art of sacred feminine empowerment and as you are at the centre of your life, as you heal, transform and become your potential, it naturally will positively effect all areas of your life mentioned above.

Therefore, not every bullet point below may not apply to you, however if you can relate to 3 or more of the following bullet points, this program will bring incredible transformation to your life.

Are You A Woman Ready To…

tick1Awaken your divine feminine and create a deeply fulfilling life?
tick1Cease the healing cycle and find wholeness once and for all?
tick1Tap into the incredible feminine power you have within to create your life?
tick1Heal all past hurts and release all that no longer serves you including past stories, relationships and experiences?
tick1Transform your current relationship or attract the right relationship in?
tick1Increase your self-worth and fall in love with yourself?
tick1Heal any past sexual abuse, or clear the blocks in your sacral area including shame or guilt around your sensuality?
tick1Start speaking your truth and setting clear boundaries or express your message in your business with greater clarity?
tick1Do business the feminine way and increase your leadership, influence and impact?
tick1Or tap into your soul purpose and create a life aligned with your soul’s highest calling?
tick1Shed the external mask and begin living from a deeply connected, authentic way?
tick1Heal your tired and burnt out body and nourish your cells into vibrant health?
tick1Heal birth trauma, or any issues surrounding fertility or your reproductive area?



The biggest issue I see women face is their low self-worth, and this is the key for you when it comes to creating the life or love you desire and deserve. This work will support you in putting yourself first, learning to listen deeply to your needs and learning how to honour them. We assist you in healing the cause of your low self-worth issues, to shed the past, and to move forward with confidence, self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. This leads to you making positive and empowered choices that support you in creating the life you desire. Letting go of what no longer serves you becomes easy, saying ‘no’ becomes easy and this allows you to say ‘yes’ to what you desire and to create that instead.


Perhaps you have done much personal development and healing work already, yet still have not achieved your desired outcome. I know that was the case for me. I had done 14 years of personal development work and was qualified in many modalities however was not able to heal fully, and find wholeness until I began this work.

I had seen many coaches, healers, read many books, tried so many things and nothing was able to get deep enough to heal the trauma i carried. This work reconnected me to back to my body and thus back to my feelings so that i was able to process my past and eventually let it go to find freedom and happiness.

The Path of The Goddess is a healing pathway designed to be the final piece of the puzzle for you as a woman so that you may end the healing cycle, once and for all, and find wholeness. And of course your growth will continue, however the feeling of ‘not being enough’ can absolutely be dissolved into complete self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. Here is the key to your wholeness and authenticity and from that place, your decisions are empowered ones.

Whether you are new to this work or have been on the path for years, this program will provide you with the foundations to achieve a sense of wholeness. We teach you life-long skills, processes and practices for you to become the master of your self and life.


We all have a journey to take in order to connect with and express our true self, serve others through our soul purpose and reach our potential for a deeply fulfilled life. As we move into wholeness, authenticity arises. We feel safe to express who we are without the fear of judgement of others. We are connected to our desires, have the empowerment to speak our truth and to make choices which nourish, nurture and support us.

Alignment occurs when your soul, mind, heart and body are aligned. This is the result of the deep inner journey we support you in taking. Once you are in alignment, you can only create that which is aligned with your soul purpose, and life will flow. No more hesitation, self-doubt or delays, just effortless and joyful feminine manifestation with many synchronicities  along the way.


Living in your feminine opens you up to love first for self, and then for all others. It opens your heart for you to give and receive love more effortlessly. It awakens your sensual nature. The key to experiencing more love in your current relationship or attracting in love is to find that wholeness within yourself, and to become the woman you need to be in order to attract the man you desire. As you do the inner work to heal your childhood wounds, more love becomes available to you.

This work assists you in becoming more attractive to men as men are attracted to their polarity of the feminine essence. As you awaken and embody your feminine essence, you’re able to maintain the spark and attraction that usually only lasts in the beginning of a relationship.

Intimacy on all levels increases as does your ability to feel loved and to love.


In this program, we use the womb (sacral) area as a gateway to heal, clear and awaken our feminine energy. This gives us a focal point within the body to work with as we begin the embodiment process. The processes as they are naturally focused on this area assist in healing your reproductive area, nervous system, throat, kidneys and adrenals. Subsequently, this work can heal birth trauma, aid in clearing the emotional, psychological or energetic blocks preventing natural fertility and generally increase your health in that area of your body.


Much personal development out there today is created in a masculine way. We set goals, we take action and we go and get what we want. This is masculine manifestation and i know it well as i lived it for years. This approach is creating burn out in many women. Action action action. It tires our adrenals and our spirit as it’s not our natural way.

The feminine approach is to learn how to receive and this is based on high self worth, then to become energetically receptive, she is able to let go of all that doesn’t serve her, creating space for all that she desires to be attracted effortlessly in.

So it’s a pulling in energy rather than a pushing out energy. Living in your feminine makes life so much easier because what you desire actually comes to you. It is an effortless approach to relationships, life and business which will allow your body to heal, regenerate and flourish as your female body is not meant to live in a masculine energy full time. It is not our natural way. However to get ahead in a man’s world, we have learned how to be masculine.

However, the time has come where this is changing and the feminine is rising! Deep healing and transformation is occurring within women all over the world and we are remembering our worth, our beauty, rediscovering our voices, and our power to manifest with grace and ease.

This program is practical, experiential and transformational. Join us now!


Each day is a series of teachings, questions and answers, guided processes to clear the psychic/emotional/mental/energetic wounds of your childhood, ancestral and prenatal beginnings, embodiment practices, sacred feminine practices, emotional release, yoga and breath practice, soul voice, meditation, journalling, the Holistic Clearing Method, self-enquiry, creative drawing, sound healing and circle sharing.

This work is a culmination of 14 years of professional and personal development, and ancient wisdom.

Sharing is always optional yet encouraged and we create a nurturing, safe environment for you to explore and release your blocks.

You will leave with life-long practices to use at home to continue deepening your connection to yourself and to self-heal.

You also will have access to a private Facebook community; an entire sisterhood circle for support.


TIME: 9am – 7pm Friday. 9am – 8.30pm Saturday. 9am – 5pm Sunday.

This is a women’s only program. Age 18 and upwards only.

$1990 – Full price
$1200 Earlybird payment plan price – available until 31st March 2017. 

* For more details please contact us, so we may answer any of your questions.




Today you learn the Path of The Goddess evolutionary pathway. You will see where you are at and how to get to where you want by delving into the Root Chakra and seeing how and where you can support yourself into wholeness. This can be confronting and emotional but deeply healing as you begin to acknowledge the unexpressed emotion, hurt, pain and needs. Healing your little girl is the foundation to becoming a woman. You will discover all her unmet needs and begin to meet them from within yourself.

We cover:

Locating and healing your core feminine wounding
Understanding the higher purpose of co-creation and reclaiming your power
Understanding how your past is influencing you now
Healing power of vulnerability
Honouring your sensitivity and emotions
Deep emotional, mental and energetic healing
Self-reliance, self-nurturing and self-love
Yin Yoga & Breathwork focused on the root chakra
Forgiveness and letting the past go
Making peace with your past
Supporting yourself through self-love practices



Today you ignite your feminine power. You delve into the sacral chakra to clear, heal and awaken your Shakti power. Learn the magnetic power of your feminine essence. Today you will learn the truth about your sexual energy, why it is the most powerful energy in all of the Universe and how to use it for healing, enlightenment and manifestation.

We cover:

Understanding the healing and creative power of your sexual life-force energy
The foundation of true feminine presence
Understanding the link between our sensuality, passion, vitality and purpose
Embodiment practices
Yin Yoga and Breathwork for the sacral chakra
Healing the themes of the suppression of the feminine
Trauma and resulting disconnection to life and how to heal it
Clearing guilt, shame and trauma
Connecting to your feminine power and coming home to your inner wisdom
Empowered sensuality
Womb wisdom
Goddess Initiation Through Music and Sound with Lou Van Stone: Sacred Healing Music



Today we delve into how to ask for and receive what you desire. We clear and open the solar plexus and throat for your empowerment to create a life you love. Understand how to move forward in the world as an empowered woman.

We cover:

Healing self-worth issues
How to maintain your personal power
Healing your relationship with the masculine and regaining trust
Healing the divine feminine wounds related to the masculine
Presence: be seen, be heard
Building self trust in your innate wisdom and guidance
The importance of boundaries
Communicating with your partner in the feminine way
Conscious Creation – Feminine manifestation
I am enough
Being versus Doing
Yin Yoga and Breathwork for the solar plexus