3 Day Gold Coast Program | 15-17 July | 25-27 November

Deepen The Love and Sacredness In Your Relationship

Sacred sexuality practices to deepen your connection along with holistic healing and intimacy coaching to evolve you as individuals and as a co-empowered conscious couple.

Most of us have not been brought up in families that demonstrate love on a constant day-to-day basis and have quite closed hearts. The potential for our relationships is much greater than we realise when we open up to giving and receiving more love.

After teaching Self Mastery retreats for a few years, I had many of my clients, who were mostly women, ask me why I didn’t have a couples retreat. They were very keen for their partners to come along and do the work with them and knew how much happier they could be together if their partners were on their same journey as they were. Around that same time, I met my partner whom I taught tantric based sacred sexuality practices to and we practiced for a year while we were together. We had the deepest most incredible connection and it sparked a passion for me to want to share this work. This was how this program was birthed.

The old saying that men want more sex and women more intimacy I feel is very true. Through this course, men and women will begin to get more of their needs met. Bonds will deepen and sparks will fly again. Sometimes it is best we move on from a relationship. And at other times, we simply need to open our hearts and refocus on our relationship for the passion and fun to return. This course will do exactly that.

My passion for sacred sexuality is strong. Sex in the West only scratches the surface of what is possible and is nothing special in comparison to sacred sexuality. The pleasure, orgasms, spiritual experiences, healing, heart-opening experiences, health-giving vitality and love and connection experienced during tantra is incredible and one hundred times more rewarding, yet hardly anybody knows about it! So I want to spread the word to all couples.



For Couples Who…


  • Have lost the spark in their relationship and wish to reconnect
  • Desire more emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Would like to communicate on deeper levels
  • Would like to understand how to recognise and deal with relationship triggers. Learn how to heal your relationship.
  • Want to experience deeper love
  • Are already happy and would like to learn sacred sexuality
    techniques to deepen and enhance their sex life
  • Are committed to creating a long-lasting happy relationship




  • What Is Intimacy and How Do You Deepen It?
  • The Conscious Relationship
  • How to Share Intimacy With Your Partner
  • Understanding Sacred Union
  • How Knowing Self Is Linked To Intimacy With Another
  • The Keys of Communication; Listening and Speaking With Love



  • Understanding how sexual energy works in a man’s body versus a woman’s body
  • The feminine / masculine dynamic and attraction field
  • Learning To Trust In Your Partner In A Deeper Way
  • Exploring Your Desires Through Healthy, Open, Communication
  • The Full Body Tantric Orgasm


This program is taught with the utmost respect, integrity and sacredness. There is no nudity and partner exercises require only your commitment to connection, awareness and honour. This program is for couples who are genuinely interested in a deeper connection, are is not open to singles. This program is open to same-sex couples.

If you have any questions regarding the program please feel free to contact us.

Dates and Other Details 2016


15-17 JULY 2016 | Earlybird ends March 31st
25-27 NOVEMBER 2016 | Earlybird ends July 31st
TIME: Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday/Sunday 9am – 7pm

Pricing Plans







  • 3 x monthly payments of $500

* For more details please book a Free Discovery Session so that we may answer your questions.